Import transactions from Excel or text files into QuickBooks

Zed Axis Version 11 - The best way to import transactions into QuickBooks

import transactions into QuickBooks

With Zed Axis you can quickly and easily import transactions from text or Excel spreadsheets directly into your QuickBooks company file, saving you hours in data entry and reducing costly mistakes.

  • Saves you hours in entering transactions into QuickBooks.
  • Automatically creates items, customers, or jobs if you haven’t got them set up in QuickBooks yet.
  • Saves your import settings making subsequent imports a breeze.
  • Supports comma, tab, and pipe delimited text formats and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Allows you to edit your data prior to importing it into QuickBooks.
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System Requirements

QuickBooks 2007 - upwards,  Pro to Enterprise Country editions US, Canada, UK

Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater installed

QuickBooks 2008/09 - Upwards,  Pro to Enterprise Country editions , Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South African versions

Windows XP, Vista. (32 bit)