Automate Zed Axis to import

Setting up Automation in Zed Axis

Using the Automate feature with QuickBooks Desktop

With Zed Axis you can minimize the amount of manual input when importing data into QuickBooks desktop – this is included in the Automate module of Zed Axis. You can set up a service to run in the background to automatically monitor a folder for new tab delimited text files (files with a txt extension) according to your specific criteria. Matching files are then retrieved and added into the Axis inbox ready for processing by a Rule

You can specify a folder that you wish to monitor and how often you need Axis to check that folder for files. Once created then Axis can be run in the background to poll that folder for any files that are added to it, when a file is detected Axis process it into then Inbox ready for processing according to the rules you have specified.

Rules are a set of preconfigured process that tell Axis how to firstly identify a file and then what Action should be taken and finally on completion how to classify it. So for example a file name that contains the word invoice should be imported into QuickBooks desktop as a invoice using a preconfigured mapping, then once successfully complete should be marked as Processed.

  • Skills:

    • Advanced importing
    • Monitor
  • Import into:

    QuickBooks Desktop