Open a file to import

Step Two: Open a file to import

Browse to and open a file to import

Once you have connected to your company file, the next step is to open the file you want to import. Axis supports files that are in Excel, Text, csv or IIF formats. There are templates that you can download from the knowledge base but with the mapping process means that your file does not have to strictly adhere to a structure other than being a flat format which means the first row contains the header row and underneath that are repeating rows of transaction or list data. Follow these steps to open a file:

  1. Once connected to your company file click on the Import tab.
  2. Click the Browse and navigate to and then select the file you want to import.
  3. Depending on the type of file you are importing you have the following options:
    • Text File options – Select the delimiter ie tab, comma, pipe etc..
    • Excel options – Select the sheet
    • IIF Options – Select the transaction type
  4. Click the Open and the contents of the file we appear in the preview panel.
  • Skills:

    • Connect
    • Import
  • Import into:

    QuickBooks Desktop

    QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks POS