Import bills in batch with Zed Axis

Step Three: Importing bills from Excel or Text files into QuickBooks Desktop

Steps to import bills into QuickBooks Desktop

In QuickBooks desktop a bill is used to record purchases from Vendors of items (product or services) or expenses (typically expense type accounts) where money is owed to a Vendor. Note You can import bills into QuickBooks (or QuickBooks Online) from Excel spreadsheets, IIF files or text files using Zed Axis software. Follow these steps to import a bill:

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  2. Select your text file or spreadsheet which contains the bills that you want to import
  3. Set up a Mapping of the columns in your bills import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks, as shown below.
  4. Click Import and your bills will be directly added to your QuickBooks company file.

When importing if the Vendor, Item or Expense account do not exist in QuickBooks Desktop then Axis will create them during the import. Watch the demo to see a step by step demonstration of the process.

  • Skills:

    • Bills
    • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Import into:

    QuickBooks Desktop