Import expenses in batch with Zed Axis

Step Three: Importing expenses into QuickBooks Online

Steps to import expenses into QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online an expense is used to record purchases from a vendor or goods and services. These are classified into three distinct types:

  • Cash purchases - purchases where payment is made in cash
  • Check purchases - purchases where payment is made by written or electronic check
  • Credit card purchases - purchases where payment is made by credit card

Steps to import expenses

  1. Open Zed Axis and click connect to QuickBooks Online
  2. Browse to the text or Excel file that contains the expenses
  3. Create a new mapping between the columns in your import file and the corresponding Expense fields in QuickBooks Online
  4. Click Import and your expenses will be imported directly into QuickBooks Online

Watch the demo to see a step by step demonstration of the process.

  • Skills:

    • Import
    • QuickBooks Online
  • Import into:

    QuickBooks Online