Advanced mapping features

Using the advanced mapping features

More advanced mapping features

When mapping your import file you might be missing key data or it might not be in the correct format, or be too long. For all of these scenarios this will cause issues with getting data successfully into QuickBooks. The advanced mapping features of Zed Axis can provide a powerful solution for you; these features include:

  • Constant values – Add a value to the field that is the same for all rows in your data file, for example a date of the transaction or the name of the product or service you sell.
  • Search and replace fields function – if you need to convert the value in the import file to another value, for example the name of your item needs to be converted into the matching name in QuickBooks.
  • Join fields together (Concatenate Function) – a way to easily combine fields together into a single field. For example, if First Name and Last Name are in separate columns but QuickBooks requires them in one field then you can create a function that can be saved along with the mapping and applied to your data when the map is selected.
  • Shorten fields (Trim Function) – when your data fields lengths exceed the permitted lengths in QuickBooks then it is possible to shorten the fields to a certain number of characters either to the left of the field or to the right, by using a Concatenate function.
  • Skills:

    • Advanced Mappings
    • Functions
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    QuickBooks Desktop

    QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks POS