Join two columns together

Using a Concatenate function to join two columns into one

How to use a concatenate function

If you want to merge two or more columns in your import file together and map to one field in QuickBooks use a concatenate (join) function. For example you may have separate columns for the First Name (Tom) and Last Name (Jones) and you wanted to join those together to make a full name (ie Tom Jones).

  1. When editing a mapping, for the QuickBooks field that the merged data should appear in select the Function drop down and select Add new function.
  2. Select the function type as a Concatenate Function.
  3. In the function editing screen enter the join expression (i.e like {FirstName}&" "&{LastName} ) for the fields that you would like to join together. Details on how to create expressions are in this support article.
  4. Finally click OK and the Concatenate Function will be saved and included in the map that you can use for this and subsequent imports.
  • Skills:

    • Advanced mapping
    • QuickBooks
  • Import into:

    QuickBooks Desktop

    QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks POS