Become a Zed Partner

Value we place on partners

As a pillar of the Zed-Systems sales strategy, the partner program trains and enables its channel partners to find new business, grow integrated advanced technology, and adapt to sell solutions.

Why become a partner

The services and products that you can now offer your clients are aimed to solve problems that in the past there was no easy solution or just wasn’t possible. By becoming a partner you offer a more advanced service over and above other ATs, giving you a competitive edge. Helping you to offer higher value services that you can charge premium rates for, increasing your turnover and profitability

Better services for your clients

All the products and services that we offer are designed to eliminate data entry from the workplace, you can deliver these benefits directly onto your clients saving them time and money. Helping their businesses to outperform, grow and prosper.

Access to the latest business-changing technologies

We are always trying to develop new and innovative ways to eliminate data entry from the workplace. That means researching and developing the latest technologies and systems and making them work for small and medium sized businesses. That means they have be bug-free and they have to be easy to use. You get to see them first which gives you a head start on your competitors.

What you must do?

For products that you sell we will provide a 20% discount from the published recommended retail price. You may choose to keep that or pass that onto your customer thats totally up to you.

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