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about Zed

Zed stands for Zero Entry of Data - that's what we are aiming for. We have a background in accounting technology and have a shared dislike of mindless data entry, so in 2005 we decide to rid the world of this arcane task and free up people to do things that they love doing. Wind the clock forward to today and we have helped tens of thousands of businesses around the world to do just exactly that. We still have a lot to do - but what gets us up in the morning is the kind words and declarations of love - (its true I can show you the email) that we get from happy users who we have managed to lighten the burden a bit.

We don't have an office like you might see on The Office - we are spread out and work remotely from different places around the world and we love the freedom and diversity we get from that - but we share the same passion.

We want to be judged by the impact that our products and services have on you. Working remotely we jump at the opportunity to connect with new and existing customers so please drop us a line.


Steve Batten, Director of Zed-Systems previously was Product Manager for QuickBooks in Australia for 5 years and established the third party software developer program for Quicken. You can find him on Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.