How to import invoices into QuickBooks Online

You can import invoices into QuickBooks Online from Excel using Zed Axis. Follow these steps to understand the process

Import invoices into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Zed Axis on your desktop.
  2. Click the Connection tab and select the option for QuickBooks Online and then click the connect button, and follow the steps to make a connection to your company file.
  3. Connect to QuickBooks Online
  4. Select the import tab and then click Browse to open the file that contains the invoices that you want to import into QuickBooks Online. Axis imports data from Excel, Text and IIF file formats. Once the file is opened it will be displayed in the grid below.
  5. Next select the option to Create a new mapping, and select the Invoice option for transaction type as , then go through the process of mapping the fields in the import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Online.
  6. Browse to your import file
  7. When the mapping is complete, give the mapping a name and save it for the next time. You will see only the columns you are going to import into QuickBooks Online
  8. Click the import button and Axis will validate the data to make sure it is in the correct format then in the list validation stage it will check for unmatched records and any missing Customer Names or Items will be created on the fly. Then on the third process it will import the invoices directly into QuickBooks and it will display a Imported status when successfully imported you can then view the imported invoice by clicking the View button.
  9. Import summary screen
  10. To complete the import process just close the import summary screen or you also have the option to Undo if you want to reverse the import and it will delete the invoices you just imported.

A demo of importing invoices into QBO

Import IIFs into QuickBooks Online