How to import transactions into QuickBooks 2024 Desktop from Excel

You can import transactions into QuickBooks 2024 from Excel. Follow these steps to understand the process involved and better understand the advantages and limitations.

A demo of QuickBooks 2023 Batch Enter

Import transactions using the QuickBooks 2024 Accountant Batch Entry feature

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your QuickBooks 2024 Accountant company file
  2. Select the menu Accountant > Batch Enter Transactions... you will see the grid entry screen
  3. QuickBooks 2023 Accountant Batch Enter Transactions grid
  4. Choose from the Transaction Type selection the type of transaction you want to import, you have the option to import Checks, Deposits, Credit Card Charges and Credits, Bills and Bill Credits, and Invoices and Credit Memos.
  5. Open the Excel spreadsheet that contains the transactions you wish to batch enter into QuickBooks and select the rows, right mouse click and select Copy. Note the columns in the Excel spreadsheet need to match the order shown in the QuickBooks register
  6. Excel sheet for QuickBooks 2021 Accountant Batch Entry
  7. In the Batch Entry register click into the first cell and using the right click menu select Paste
  8. Once the data is entered QuickBooks will validate for unmatched recoreds will be highlighted in red, you can then select QuickAdd or Set Up and they will be added
  9. If required you can choose to split lines, highlight the row and click the Split button and enter the Split details.
  10. Split Invoice import into QuickBooks Accountant
  11. When all the batch data has been entered click Save Transactions button, and the transactions will be imported in batch into QuickBooks desktop and a summary will be displayed.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The Batch Entry feature is included as a standard feature in the QuickBooks Accountant edition and has no restriction on how many rows you can import or how many company files you can use it with.
The feature supports the most popular types of transactions that you come across such as Checks, Deposits, Credit Card Charges and Credits, Bills, Bill Credits, Invoices and Credit Memos
The feature will validate data prior to import and will QuickAdd new Customers or Vendors that are not found in QuickBooks.
The Batch Entry feature is only available in the QuickBooks 2024 Accountants edition which costs $349 per year. As opposed to QuickBooks 2024 Pro starting price of $299.95 one time fee.
Only limited to the most common types of transactions but is missing Journal Entries, Timesheets, Sales Orders, Purchase orders etc.
Limited in the extent of time saving features available.

Crushing a data entry crisis with Zed Axis

Import transactions using a third party utility

It is also possible to import transactions into QuickBooks desktop using third party applications. These application make use of a freely available QuickBooks software deveopers kit (SDK). Zed Axis is a popular data import utility that has addressed the limitations of the Batch Entry feature and has distinct advantages when it come importing transactions into QuickBooks from Excel