Import or export transactions and lists into Xero - Zed Axis 11.0

import transactions into Xero
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With Zed Axis you can quickly and easily import, export and modify transactions and lists from text, IIF or Excel spreadsheets directly into your Xero company file, saving you hours in data entry and reducing costly mistakes.

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Step 1

Select a file to import into Xero

Your import data can be either Excel, text, or IIF.

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Step 2

Choose the Xero transaction or list type to import into

Choose the type of transaction or list that you would like to import into Xero. Axis supports all major transaction and list types in Xero, including Customer Invoices, Supplier Invoices, Spend Money, Receive Money, Journals, Contacts, and Inventory Items.

Step 3

Decide where the data should appear in Xero

In the mapping screen select the fields in Xero that you would like your data to be import into. To help select a link directly from the mapping screen to a support article that describes in detail all the fields that you can map to, what type of data is required, as well as required fields and data formats. You even have the option to select a constant value like a date or a class that can be applied to all transactions, or use a search and replace function. All mappings and constants can be edited and saved, as well as exchanged with other Axis users

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Step 4

Finally preview your data and import it into Xero

Before you commit your import to Xero you can preview the transactions or lists and edit those if you need to, then process the import. When importing Axis will check your data to ensure that it is in the format that Xero can accept, then you see a row by row update as the data is imported. Axis Intelligently creates items, customers, jobs, or employees if they are not in Xero during the import process to reduce the number of potential errors. When finished, a summary of the data that it has successfully imported into Xero is displayed.